A movement of disciple making disciples

Vision statement 2013-2016

The Vision

We will become a movement of disciple-making disciples.

We will grow to be a vibrant church of many more followers of Jesus.

To achieve this we will need:

A change in culture

  • from moderate to pioneering, daring and expectant
  • from attractional to mission-focused
  • from professional to diverse and radical
  • from two-dimensional spirituality (‘up and in’) to three-dimensional spirituality (‘up, in and out’)

A change in structure

  • from a Sunday congregation supplemented by small groups
  • to a church in which a varied collection of mission-shaped communities come together to be resourced by Sunday celebrations

A change in power and initiative

  • Within the overall vision of the church and the basic framework of up, in and out, mission-shaped communities have maximum freedom take initiatives as God leads them

Our key steps to making this dream a reality are:

  • Practising the habits of discipleship
  • Becoming God-dependent praying people
  • Developing mission-shaped communities, committed to serving and witnessing in neighbourhoods or networks of relationships
  • Creating an ethos of invitation
  • Telling stories of God’s blessing through success and failure
  • Supporting and training leaders

June 2013

This vision was developed and shared with the church meeting in June 2013. Some of the background can be read on our church vision blog here.

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