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Have you seen or heard anything good in the media lately?  The media bombards most of us with a multitude of messages every day – through television, radio, newspapers, films, advertising and the internet.   Its influence is relentless.  But not everything in the media is bad.  Indeed there is much which is excellent.

How often do we take the time to ‘commend’ when we see, hear or read something that we enjoy?  Or to ‘complain’ when we’ve had to endure something bad, or are left feeling disgusted or angry?

Next time you see or hear something in the media that’s really great or really bad, why don’t you write, ring or e-mail with some feedback? You should be able to find contact details on the website of the media company concerned or take a look at CARE’s online media contacts resource aimed at helping you contact the right organisation if you want to commend or complain.

Media companies and the regulators do listen to feedback.  For example, a CARE supporter wrote to a TV company congratulating them on their screening of a family feature film and asking them if more similar programmes could be shown. She received the following reply:

I can assure you that we are always looking for this type of production but unfortunately they are very hard to find! It is not very often viewers write in to thank us when we have given them pleasure and your gesture is very much appreciated.

And, to conclude:

To Almighty God.  This Temple of the Arts and Muses is dedicated to Almighty God by the first Governors of Broadcasting in the year 1931, Sir John Reith being Director- General. It is their prayer that good seed sown may bring forth a good harvest, that all things hostile to peace or purity may be banished from this house, and that the people, inclining their ear to whatsoever things are beautiful and honest and of good report, may tread the path of wisdom and uprightness.

The Latin inscription in the entrance hall at BBC Broadcasting House in London

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