Things began to change in the early 1960s. In 1961 a Women’s Fellowship started under the leadership of Mrs Pike. Later this role was taken over by Mrs Phyllis Hill who led faithfully for many years. At that stage there were still no midweek activities for children or young people but in 1962 a Young People’s Christian Endeavour group started on a Friday evening with several of the older SS youngsters under the leadership of Rob Giles. This group grew and developed over the years and made a real impact on the life of the church. A year or two later a Junior Club commenced which developed into an activity of a more devotional nature called Adventurers. Numbers in the SS remained quite low but with a slight increase. However, evening congregations improved a lot in the few years leading up to 1966, including a growing number of young people. Average numbers were in the region of 35-45, occasionally higher. Finally in 1966 Stan Giles took over as Superintendent, a position he held for ten years.