Early in 1879 the time came to move on. Mr Green’s lease had expired and the farm had changed hands. This meant that the site had to be given up. All that time Mr Green had generously allowed the use of the land free of charge.

A new site was purchased at Red Hill Cross right on the edge of the city, though one report puts the price at £76 while another states £95. This was the site of the chapel in Cannon Street on which Christian work and witness was to continue for another 128 years. Initially however the little wooden chapel was moved from Swinesherd to the new plot of ground, mainly with the help of Mr Watson and his family of The Mill, Swinesherd, who lent his team of horses to assist in the relocation.

The chapel was re-opened on 2 August 1879, Rev J.Lewitt preaching in the afternoon and Mr James Mayglothling in the evening. At the time of the move there were 120 children on the Sunday School role and it’s not difficult to imagine the problems over accommodation! These were temporarily relieved in January 1882 when the chapel was enlarged, the cost being borne by Messrs James Jones and John Middleton, both ardent workers at Red Hill. Mr Viles was the oldest teacher in the school, finally giving up in 1890.