You are more than forgiven! 
I have not just covered your sin, I have filled you with my Spirit and given you abundant life.
 I have lavished my love upon you – my love is not bridled. Cast off restraint and live the Life I have given to you.

This was shared by Alison Boardman in the 9am service on Sunday 8th Dec.

Andy Browning had said this about Grace;

“God has given His grace freely to us to be freely received. The chains of sin are broken as we repent but our lack of self-forgiveness holds us back from receiving this wonderful gift of abundant grace. We take the gift but don’t open and use it as it was intended. This is a generous gift to be enjoyed to the max because of His love, not due to anything we have done or can ever do. We are all in some way the Lost Son coming home and being received by the Father. We are given a robe, a ring, sandals to wear and there is feasting in our name – that’s how much grace there is!”

So why use a picture of a elephant for this blog? A young elephant can be tamed by being shackled. The youngster strains against his chains and cannot break them, he hurts himself and learns not to struggle. Then as an adult he can be held by a rope or chain that he has more than enough strength to break, but he doesn’t even try.

Are you still living as though your chains were still there? Are there past hurts that make you fearful of trying for freedom now? God wants you to know that you are forgiven and that you can live in freedom, loving him and being loved by him.

‘See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!’

1 John 3:1

Free to Receive, Forgive, Love.