(based on 1 Cor 13 and Col 3:12-14)

Where there is no love:
Speaking well in one or a dozen languages is just noise.
Having prophetic wisdom and knowledge is worthless.
Faith is of no value.
Giving away everything I own including my life is of no use.

Where there is love:
Patience and kindness abound.
Hurts are forgiven and forgotten.
Jealousy and boastfulness have no place.
Anger is rare and respect is everywhere.
Truth is.

Because love:
Protects and trusts.
Hopes and never gives up.

Love knows us.
But one day;
We will know as we are known, we will see clearly;
Prophecies, tongues and knowledge will be a distant memory.
Have faith and have love. Have faith in love, in the one who is love.
Let love increase your faith. Let faith increase your love.
Have hope and have love. Stay hopeful, stay loving. Let love bring you hope. Hope for more love.
Have more hope for love.
Always love.

Therefore, because God has chosen you, made you holy and loves you deeply.
Put on the clothes he has for you: a shirt of tender heartedness, trousers of kindness, a jumper of staying humble, socks of gentleness and shoes of patience (no trampling in these shoes).
Put up with annoyances and irritations, put up with others being insulting or going behind your back: Forgive

Forgive as you have been forgiven.
Over all of this put on
overalls of love.