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Embracing inconvenience!

Embracing inconvenience!

This week Team Wearing had the opportunity to host Kevin, Jackson and Uncle Ryan from the African Children’s Choir once again.

This was an unexpected return and on the face of it presented perhaps something of an inconvenience…. the juggling of cars, borrowing guest beds, Daisy moving bedrooms, a big Lidl’s shop, enlisting the help of Grandad for school runs……and yet what we discovered as a family was that this opportunity represented something that we often take for granted: Time.

In our world of pressures, it becomes so easy for us to go to work or go to school, to plan out our evenings and get into established routines… filling out each day with predictability.

However we have been reminded this past week that God often has other plans for us.

We have learnt that he gives us seemingly inconvenient opportunities, reminding us just how attached we are to our routines, and instead shows us how we should cherish every moment we have with those that we love.

For us, our routines and certainty make us effective people, but we have been reminded this week, that through embracing the inconvenient things God brings our way, we can be  truly blessed and now would do well to reflect on whether what we do each day with our time, is pleasing to God.

Life is precious because it is short and unpredictable.

Perhaps next time, you have an inconvenience come your way, something that means a bit of juggling of time and plans, you can thank God for everything he has already given you and embrace the unpredictability! Inconvenience might very well remind us of how blessed we really are, bring us true joy and even a new revelation of God, his awesomeness and his unfailing love.

Tonight our house is back to ‘normal’, the TV is on, homework is done, the dishwasher is on…. and all is predictable…. but it is terribly quiet and a little bit ’empty’.

Kevin and Jackson magnified the love of God in our home. Their sense of awe, wonder and fun… their warmth to us, and the childlike love in their hearts for the Father, has undoubtedly changed Team Wearing and will have a lasting impact on our lives.

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