Around a hundred of us thoroughly enjoyed The Big Quiz last Saturday night, the first evening of the new 2018 SPBC social programme. I’ve never gone as far as joining a regular pub quiz team or registering to ‘be on a show’ but I am an unashamed lover of all things questionable. Earlier in the month I spent nearly a whole weekend watching old episodes of quizzes on the Challenge TV Channel – including Bullseye which I never even watched when it was on originally – although this TV marathon was due to family illness so I couldn’t recommend it! The only thing to beat a quiz is the synergy when a quiz features in a cool movie – one of my other loves – such as in a Starter for Ten (University Challenge) or She’s All That (Jeopardy).

Job, whose story is told in the Old Testament, does a lot of quizzing. Most quiz questions begin with what, when, who or how, but Job also wants to know why, especially in the face of his suffering and that of his family. I think that’s something we can all identify with to varying degrees throughout our lives. I believe that God does give us answers at times, but he also has questions for us. God, for example, asked Job ‘where does light come from and where does darkness go?’, a question with an answer maybe too convoluted for your average quiz show, even for Only Connect or UC which prize themselves on being a cut above average. God goes on to say to Job, ‘you are God’s critic, but do you have the answers?’

I could endlessly swat up on trivia but I have a feeling, like Job, that I’ll end up concluding that ‘I was talking about things…far too wonderful for me.’ The Chase is great and I’ll always love pursuing learning, but the small questions in life will always be Pointless by comparison with the really big questions. If you seek you will find, so maybe go searching today?