Robin Williams famously tells his young students to “Seize the Day” in the film Dead Poets Society because they will “soon be fertilising the daffodils”.

The Bible also encourages us to seize each day:

“Be very careful then how you live, not as unwise but wise, making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5 v15 – 16)

As a church we’ve recently been studying what the Gospel looks like in today’s language, mindful that most people in our city aren’t actively seeking God or see a need for Him. Today the Gospel is still feed the hungry, care for the poor, visit those in prison but we can also use it to communicate love, hope, joy and truth to those around us ‘in their language.’ Whether its through music, art, sport, film, comedy or something else, there is often a shared interest from which we are able to introduce Gospel truths into people’s lives if we use some creativity and innovation.

Well – given that list of how we could share the gospel, my dad and I chose comedy! Over the past few months we’ve been sharing faith with a twist through the Faithfuncollide podcast. Within this, we try to show how Bible truths and principles can often be found in secular film and TV shows – talking in a way people can relate to and understand today. Each of the completed episodes has been posted on iTunes and Youtube showing, with a bit of artistic licence, how Elijah can be compared to Superman, David resembles Rocky, and Deborah is very similar to Wonder Woman!

Feedback so far has been positive – it really is amazing how God can seed snippets of the Gospel in plain sight within secular culture. Whilst we have ideas for more episodes, we would now really appreciate others joining with us in writing, acting and producing future shows, if anybody out there shares our passion for this kind of thing! In particular, having a third regular presenter on the show with us would be most helpful.

You can check the podcast out at:

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Andy and Barry Mercer