What a beautiful week of weather we have had!

With the hottest day in April since 1949, temperatures reached over 29°C on Thursday. Finally spring has arrived and hopefully it will hang around…

…the snow is a distant memory and winter jumpers have been recommitted to the back of the wardrobe. It is the season of floaty dresses and flip flops!

And with that, we all seem a little happier!

There is something about being bathed in light that brings a sense of hope and delight. We are happier, the flowers bloom brighter, the sky is bluer, life seems more visibly abundant. Being out in the sunshine makes you happier not only emotionally, but physically as well. Research has shown that happiness, Health, and light are connected. Light promotes healthier attitudes toward diet and exercise, and gives us the our dose of Vitamin D which can be hard to get from foods alone. Vitamin D in turn promotes healthy cell and bone growth, reduces inflammation, and helps to stimulate our immune function.

Light helps you avoid danger. Light helps you reach what you are after. When you walk in the darkness, you may stumble over a log, or step on a piece of lego, or fall down the stairs, or hit your head on a low-hanging branch. Darkness can be full of threat. It frustrates your ability to attain your goal. But light changes all that. It exposes dangers and frees you from their lurking power. It opens the way to your goal. It is full of hope, and promises the glad fulfilment of your plans.

There is a beautiful verse in the psalms that says:

“God is God and he has bathed us in light (Psalm 118:27).”

God has illuminated us with grace, freedom, and joy. God is light and in him is no darkness at all. It is in drawing near to the light that freedom and hope and joy are found.