The Salvation Army works with the homeless, those trapped in modern day slavery and people in poverty. For many years volunteers from our church have supported their Soup Kitchen rota by preparing and serving a hot meal at their Worcester branch in the Trinity every Friday evening to people struggling with dependency and homelessness issues.

Give thanks for

  • The willingness of people from different churches in our city to serve those in need with a hot meal and a smile.
  • The overwhelmingly positive responses for these meals and the opportunity to have good conversations.
  • The Salvation Army building has taken over as a night shelter for the homeless when the temperatures fall below zero. This service will run between 1 November and 31 March as part of the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol run by CCP.
  • Opportunities to provide housing advice and support to those needing to use the shelter.

Pray for

  • The new appointment of a chef to work at the centre who will be responsible for their catering including the dementia café and the Soup Kitchen.