Calling the faithful city back to the faithful God

A Gospel a Month

I am taking up the challenge to read a gospel a month and wondered if there were others out there who would like to join me. My aim is to…

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Overalls of Love

(based on 1 Cor 13 and Col 3:12-14) Where there is no love: Speaking well in one or a dozen languages is just noise. Having prophetic wisdom and knowledge is…

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What moves your heart?

For many of us reality TV and talent shows fill out our viewing diet. I’m not averse to some pop-diva-wannabes vying for record-deal supremacy, but when it comes to kicking…

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What is your Ikigai?

Last week I discovered a whole host of Japanese words that have no literal English translation but instead describe a certain event or specific feeling. A few of my favourites…

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Invited to know the creator

I was listening to the radio recently on the day when the death of the pioneering radio presenter Cliff Michelmore was announced. They played a recording of a broadcast he…

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Waiting for Godot?

On Sunday evenings this month in church the theme is Patience, a ‘fruit of the Spirit’. Chaucer described patience as a conquering virtue whilst Aristotle talked of it being bitter…

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God has been speaking very clearly to me recently. Things have happened which some people call co-incidence. However I have experienced too many to call them anything other than God-incidences.…

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Forgiven, Loved, Free

You are more than forgiven! 
I have not just covered your sin, I have filled you with my Spirit and given you abundant life.
 I have lavished my love upon you…

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(to our Community with Love) Being a long time fan of Jane Austen I also rated the movie Clueless, based loosely on the story of Emma, with Alicia Silverstone’s portrayal…

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The Power of Quiet

It’s over a decade since one of our politicians said notably in a conference speech, “... the quiet man is here to stay and he's turning up the volume." He…

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