Cafe Selah is  a relaxed and informal group where we take some time to think and talk about God.

As well as those who just want to think and discuss, those of us who are creative are have the opportunity to explore our faith and God’s word with art, or music, or poetry, drama, story telling, humour, anything creative that there is an interest in.

It’s a mix between café church and exploring our faith creatively. It’s a time to pause and reflect, before continuing.

The evening is planned so that we all start with coffee and chat. There is a Bible study group looking at God’s word in one of the rooms upstairs, and the rest of us in the Café Selah are in the coffee-shop area. We look at the topic differently. We start with an introduction. And then we can choose between chilling and chatting to explore the topic further, or responding creatively by painting, writing, music etc. The creative bit will be structured for beginners, or you can get on with you own ideas if you are ready to do this.

Please bring your own creative materials if you have them.

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