Calling the faithful city back to the faithful God

Tick Tock is not just a toddler group; we are also here for the parents and carers.  You are just as important as your children.   You need to have friends and a social life. Coming to Tick Tock, you will meet other families and make new friends for yourself and for your little ones.

You are not alone!  Other people are/were going through the same difficulties; knowing this makes them seem less daunting.  You can share your stories and help each other along your journey.

The volunteers have been where you are and are full of knowledge and they are all willing to support you through your journey.

No one knows their child more than you, but sometimes you just need a break.  Our volunteers are on hand to care for your child while you grab a much earned drink and biscuit!

If that’s you, you are welcome to come along to Tick Tock  Toddler Group on Wednesdays, either from 10.00-12.00 or from 1.15-2.45. The time flies and it has a reputation for being a particularly friendly group.

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