Calling the faithful city back to the faithful God

Malawi Partnership

Child in village in Malawi
Since 2007 St. Peter’s Baptist Church has been in Partnership with Chikondi Baptist Church located in Area 49, Lilongwe, Malawi and also with Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) also based in Lilongwe. We are grateful to God for these links and rejoice in all he has done through our Partnerships.

Chikondi Baptist Church

In 2006, on a visit to Malawi, one of our church members, Alan Westwood, was approached by the then acting-Pastor of Chikondi BC and asked if our church would consider entering into a Partnership with them. This was agreed by the church leaders and the first team from St. Peter’s went to Malawi in August 2007. Team members were involved in witnessing in the area around Nsankhani village about 10 miles north-west of Lilongwe. The “Jesus film”, with commentary in the local language, Chichewa, was also shown in the evenings. Many responded to the Gospel and witnessed to their faith by being baptised in the local river. A church was established, Edene Baptist Church, and we were able to purchase land for a church building.

Further team visits in 2008, ’09, ’10 and ’11 have built on this initial foundation. On each occasion we have been involved in training local church leaders as well as further evangelism. A “Home Missioner” was appointed in 2009 to help disciple the many new believers. In 2011 two further new churches were planted, Malenga and Chikhuthe, bringing the total in the area to 13. From the beginning of our Partnership we have been concerned to try to address the full range of needs represented in the area: social, health, educational as well as spiritual. In particular we have been able to sponsor as many as 70 school students, thus enabling them to complete their secondary education. Adult literacy classes were also set up in 2010, and, at the start of 2011, we agreed to support a local programme to train 9 village men to enable them to pastor the churches in their own villages. St. Peter’s is sponsoring 6 of the group and Chikondi 3. We have intended that our involvement would develop into a genuine Partnership and we are pleased that this is coming about. Our visits are an annual encouragement to them (as well as being life-changing for the teams!) but meanwhile our Malawian colleagues are energetically getting on with the work of building strong, self-sustaining local congregations in line with our aim. In May of 2011 Pastor Noah Banda and Acting Pastor Lawrence Benedictu came to UK and their visit has led to strengthening of our Partnership.

Evangelical Association of Malawi

Our further Partnership with EAM came about via a personal friendship with Rev. Francis Mkandawire, General Secretary of EAM, together with his wife, Annie, who founded her own area of ministry namely “Hope Missions”. In particular, via EAM, we have been active in supporting a project run by a consortium of churches in the small town of Ntchisi about 50 miles north of Lilongwe. We have made micro-loans available to people living with aids (PLWA), thus enabling them to start small businesses of their own. Hope and self-respect has returned and today the joy of the people is wonderful to experience.

Below is a video of some worship songs taken during our team’s visit to Malawi in 2011.