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Secondary School Sponsorship Programme


For many years people who live in the villages of Malawi have been unable to send their children to Secondary School, because most people are very poor and their daily income is less than 1 U.S. dollar. They cannot afford to pay school fees and associated school expenses. As a result, more than 80% of the adults who live in the villages are unable to read and write. This is unlike urban areas where most people have a higher income and are able to send their children to school. Therefore, they are able to attain better standards of living when they leave school. This problem in the villages creates an environment for early marriages, lack of informed decisions and often it is more difficult for uneducated people to utilise natural resources, such as farming land, efficiently. As a result, it is difficult for standards of living to improve and the poor are inevitably getting poorer.

A partnership has been formed between Chikondi and Edene Baptist Churches and their church plants and St. Peter’s Baptist Church, Worcester U.K. Having seen the need and after much prayer, the members of St. Peter’s Baptist Church, who send a Mission Team to Malawi regularly, agreed to set up a sponsorship scheme to enable some boys and girls in the Nsankhani area to attain secondary education.

The money is managed by the Malawi Task Group of St Peter’s Baptist Church and administered by a similar local management group in Malawi .


  • The main objective of this sponsorship programme is to provide school fees for students whose parents are unable to pay the fees and who would therefore not be able to attend Secondary school.
  • The programme is to help Christian young people, who are part of the churches partnered with St Peter’s Baptist Church, to attain secondary school education.
  • As a result of this, the numbers of educated people in the churches, planted with the help of St Peter’s Baptist Church in the Nsankhani area, will be increased. This will help the local church and community.


The people who are eligible for this programme are those who meet the following conditions:-

  • The student or the parent or carer must have been been a member of one of the churches planted with the help of St Peter’s Baptist Church for at least 4 months
  • The student’s family must be living below the daily income of 1 U.S. dollars.
  • The student must maintain good grades and pass the end of year exams. Otherwise sponsorship may be withdrawn.
  • The student must sign the agreement form promising to work hard, hand in homework on time, behave well and write one letter to St. Peter’s Baptist Church each year setting out their progress and results.

Updated and approved
April 2013

Below is a video interview with one of the recipients of support from our sponsorship programme: