Are you a sunrise person or sunset person?  My friends tell me that there is nothing to beat a beautiful sunrise but, as a night owl,  I’ll take their word for it. However I do love looking at sunsets, whether that’s from the back garden, over the Malvern Hills or, as I was recently privileged to do, watching the sunset over the ocean. The vibrant colours of the sun as it slowly sinks into the sea are beautiful memories.

Yet there are days, especially in England, when the sun appears blocked by the clouds.  We do not doubt that the sun is there. We may miss the warmth of the sun as it’s hidden behind cloud.  However we can still be sure that the sun rises and sets and remains a constant.

I have found over the years that my relationship with God is much like this. There are many,  many bright times when life is good and all is well. However when life does throw up difficulties,  I am sure that God is with me and continues to care for me.

Whatever is happening in your life be assured that God cares for you. His love is always available to those who seek him.