See what's happening in the life of St Peter's and how you can get involved.

Upcoming Events

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Small Groups

Joining our small groups is a really good way to get to know people and integrate into the life of the church family. These are places where you will find friendship, support, opportunities to study the Bible and to pray.

There is fun and laughter. Some groups meet at church in the daytime, others meet on a regular evening in people’s homes.
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We have a group at St Peter’s for 18-30s called ‘Frontline’, named for our strong belief that we are called to be on God’s frontline, being the first to get involved, thus inspiring others to get stuck in too.

Having good friends around is vital for growth and support, particularly for young adults. This is why we care so much about developing our relationships within our age groups.

Hi. I’m Matt, I oversee our young adults’ groups. Click the button below to get in contact with me if you’d like to find out more about Frontline.

Serving on a Team

We are all God’s unique creations and each of us has been given gifts to serve others: not just the higher gifts of prophecy and teaching but practical gifts with which we can glorify God on a daily basis. There is no greater joy!

There are lots of opportunities for you to bless others at St Peter’s including: serving one another in Sunday services through welcoming, playing or singing in our worship teams, helping with children’s work, joining the ‘tech team’, or assisting with Communion.

There is also the running of a busy church centre and there are many opportunities to serve there too.

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We are a church which prioritises prayer. There are many ways that you can be involved:

  • a prayer ministry team available after most services
  • our small groups where you can share in prayer with a group of friends
  • a prayer diary which you can receive daily or monthly by email
  • prayer messages and updates which you shall receive regularly
  • prayer gatherings held approximately once a month. This is not only a time to bring our joys and concerns to God, but offers time to listen to what God is saying to the church

Come and be involved in the adventure that is prayer. All are welcome.

Pastoral Care

(Picture shows our Care Home Team in action)

We believe the responsibility for fostering an excellent culture of pastoral care belongs to everyone. We look out for each other, support those who are finding life tough and ensure we are a family who express God’s love to each other and to our community. We do this through our Ministry Team, our Small Groups, our Pastoral Care Team and through friendship.

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Tuesday@2 meets every week in Room 2. It’s a social group mainly for older people but anyone free on a Tuesday afternoon is very welcome.  There are refreshments and cake, friendship, fun, board games, jigsaws and a thought for the day. Do come and join us.

Become a Member

All are welcome to join our church family and we encourage those who do to become members.

Membership is our way of committing to God and each other and saying “I’m in. This is where I belong. I want to be part of things. I want to share in the vision and values of the church and in decision making.” To become a member you will be asked to attend a short course called ‘Foundations’ where you can share your faith journey, find out lots about the life of the church and explore Believer’s Baptism. Please speak to Andy, our Team Leader to find out more.


Showing others the love of Jesus and what He has done for us through the Cross and the Resurrection is what mission is all about. This is where our serving reaches outside our church family and extends into the lives of those who don’t yet know Jesus.

Our local mission activities, in which you can join, include local Foodbank collections, Eden Coffee Shop which serves the community, and various other outreach groups such as parent and toddlers, youth and older people.

We have a global as well as a local interest in supporting the work of Christ through regional, national and overseas organisations, such as our Malawi Partnership, via prayer, volunteering and financial gifts.